Although free churches have been part of the church landscape in Denmark for more than 175 years, it is still an undescribed magazine for many.

Frequently Asked Questions for Free Churches

Here we will try to give brief answers to the most frequent questions about free churches.

What does it mean to be a Christian?

It is the belief that Jesus Christ died for the sin of the world that makes one a Christian. Forgiveness is accepted simply by praying to God.

So what is a free church?

Free churches and folk churches rest on the same basis and share the same creed, but a free church is self-financing and determines for itself what form the services should take and what they should contain. Personal experiences of faith are also important for the free churches, and in several places a priest's experience of vocation to the priesthood will be ranked higher than theological education — albeit one in later decades have made a lot out of, atthe priests also have a solid theological ballast.
In addition, most free churches use rhythmic music and modern instruments — there are very few organs. Most free churches first baptize people when they are old enough to have taken a stance on the Christian faith themselves - however, baptism is practiced in a few free churches (the Methodist Church and - in some cases - Evangelical Free Church Denmark).
In most free churches there is also a great deal of emphasis on community, which is why church coffee and sometimes communal dining after the service are almost always offered to those who wish.

How do you become a member of a free church?

Each free church has its own procedures for admission to membership, but basically you can become a member if you believe in Jesus Christ. It's free to become a member. All expenses are covered through voluntary donations.

Is there anything you can't do in a free church?

To be a Christian is to follow Christ. To be a church is to live in a Christian community. Therefore, it is assumed that one wants to live according to the guidelines of the Bible and maintain good fellowship in the church. There are no stated rules about what one should and should not be allowed in a free church. Sometimes the Church Father Augustine is quoted in this connection: Love God, and do what you will.

Can you get married in a free church?

Free churches, like all recognized and approved denominations, have the right to perform marriages with civil validity under the Marriage Act. However, at least one of the parties must be members of the free church in question.

Then what is the point of the church?

The word “church” actually means a group or assembly. Just as we all need to belong to a family, Christians need to belong to a church. Here you get spiritual nourishment in preaching and singing, here you are stimulated in the social community, and together with others you get the strength to do much more in society than you could do alone.

Is free church the same as sect?

Absolutely not! Among other things, a sect is characterized by the fact that you believe you are the only right ones, and you usually have a guru or a strong, dictatorial leadership. You often want to isolate yourself and refrain from collaborating with others other than your like-minded people.
This is in stark contrast to free churches, where one advocates team-based, pluralistic leadership, and where one likes to work with other churches. In addition, all free denominations have an accountability and care structure that ensures that the individual pastor or church does not slip off a tangent or find himself left alone with his or her challenges.

What if I am a member of the Church?

You are warmly welcomed as a member of a free church, as well as being a member of the folk church.

Can you be baptized in a free church?

Yes, all churches have a baptismal practice. The only exception is the Salvation Army, which does not practice the sacraments. But where in the folk church one is baptized to become a child of God, in the free churches baptism is more a confession marking that the one who is baptized believes in God and is already a child of God. This view of baptism also applies to baptisms in the Methodist Church and Evangelical Free Church Denmark.
Many of those who are baptized as adults in the Free Churches are also baptized children. When they allow themselves to be baptized as adults, it is usually because they need to mark a conversion to God that has occurred in their lives.

Can free churches officiate funerals?

One can be buried out of a free church. The funeral or consecration itself usually takes place in ordinary cemeteries and burial grounds. At funerals, it's the undertaker who coordinates it all. The family just needs to let the family know in what context they want to ground the next of kin. It is different from municipality to municipality whether it costs extra to get a burial ground when you are not a member of the folk church.