FrikirkeNet is a nationwide organization with more than 120 members consisting of a wide network of free churches, organizations and institutions. Members come from The Baptist Church, Apostolic Church, Evangelical Free Church Denmark, Mosaic, Vineyard, Hillsong — in addition to a number of independent members.

What is FrikirkeNet?

FrikirkeNet has four areas of focus:

  1. That Danes perceive free churches as trust-building and community-engaged churches that stand for classical Christianity in a contemporary form.
  2. To promote the preaching of the Christian message in Denmark and to ensure good conditions for this, including freedom of religion.
  3. To strengthen unity and cooperation between Christian churches and organizations.
  4. To work in collaboration with others for the propagation of the Christian view of God and man, including the belief in the dignity of the individual human being.

See more on the page ”What we do?“.

Theologically, free churches aligns with The Lausanne Covenant based on the old church creeds.

All free churches, organizations and institutions that identify with the goals of FrikirkeNet are welcome to apply for membership. The registration form can be downloaded below. FrikirkeNet's articles of association, annual accounts, minutes of the general meeting, ethical principles and privacy policy can also be found below. If you have any questions or are interested in knowing more, you are always welcome to contact us.

Contact information is available here.